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Many of our clients are able to receive a rebate for through Medicare, their Private Health Insurance or the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA). 


You may be eligible for a Chronic Management Plan (CDM) Care Plan if you suffer from a chronic health condition such as IBS, Diabetes, hypertension or High Cholesterol. A CDM Care Plan can be obtained from your GP and will entitle you with up to 5 dietitian consultations per calendar year.


Patients that receive services from Gut Goodness are entitled to a medicare $52.95 rebate for each consultation. To acquire a CDM Care Plan you will need to discuss your eligibility with your GP and obtain a referral. Your GP will develop a plan and a referral that you will need to bring at the time of your consultation.

Private Health Insurance

Most Private Health Insurance funds will provide a rebate for visits to a Dietitian, and do not require a referral. The amount of rebate will depend both on which Health Fund you are with, as well as your level of cover. Contact your Health Provider to find out how much rebate you are entitled to. 

HICAPS facilities provided by Gut Goodness will allow your claim to be processed on the spot, at the time of your consultation.


At Gut Goodness we offer you the convenience of processing payments and claims at the time of your consultion with HICAPS facilities. Both cash and credit cards are accepted, and rebates can be processed on the spot.

Online Consultations will require payment processing prior to consult and can be taken over the phone or by Direct Bank Transfer

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