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Fees & Pricing

How can Gut Goodness help?


Whether you require assistance in identifying foods that trigger your specific symptoms, you're dealing with a chronic disease, or simply looking to to improve physical and mental health through foods, better health outcomes are achieved when gaining the knowledge and support of an Accredited Practising Dietitian. Contact us and find out how Gut Goodness can support you in your journey to feel great.

Your journey will begin with a 1 hour initial consultation. Here we will develop a good understanding of you, your health goals and any symptoms that you may be experiencing. You will leave the consultation with a detailed insight on the adequacy and quality of your existing diet, a better understanding of how particular foods may be contributing to any symptoms or chronic disease, as well as advice and support to implement the changes required to achieve your health goals. 


Depending on your goals or condition, ongoing support may be required to achieve optimal results and are provided through 30-45minute follow up consultations.


Many of our clients are able to receive a rebate for Medicare, their Private Health Insurance or the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA).

Initial Consultation

$120 for a 60-minute Consult

Your first consultation will help us understand you, any symptoms you may be experiencing, as well as your health goals and what you wish to achieve. We will conduct a comprehensive nutrition assessment which will allow us to individualise strategies and advice, ensuring that they are specific to your unique dietary needs.  Working together we will create a plan, strategies and the tools to help you achieve your goals so that when you leave your initial consultation, you will leave with the knowledge, direction and confidence to move forward in your journey to feel your absolute best.

Gut Health Consult

$120 for a 60-minute consult


The key to your general health and wellbeing is having a happy and healthy gut. A Gut Health Consult will help you to understand how you can better support your gut microbiome by increasing diversity of microbes so that it can better perform important functions like supporting your immune system, optimise metabolism of energy, and have a positive affect on health 

Home Visit

Private Fee + a $25 Travel Fee

If you and your GP agree that an in-home consultation is required, we are happy help. In-home face-to-face consults are available for patients that find it difficult to attend on-site appointments.

Follow Up Assessment

$70 for a 30-minute Consult

Research shows that patients that receive ongoing support from an Accredited Practising Dietitian achieve better health outcomes than those trying to do it alone, and this is because no two persons are exactly the same. Dieitians are specifically trained to identify what role food plays for your unique situation. Our follow up sessions provide you with the ongoing support, monitoring, tools and education that allow you to achieve your health goals. 

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